Make Great Cocktails

A simple and naturally delicious way for anyone to make truly remarkable drinks.

All-natural 1pt Cocktail Infusion blends quickly infuse gourmet flavor into any spirit (or zero-proof) so you can skip the sugary mixers and fussy recipes for a simpler, tastier drink.


How it Works

1- Pick Your Pack

Choose from 60+ 1pt Cocktail Packs ready to pair with any spirit or zero-proof alternative. No sugar, nothing artificial 🌱

2- Infuse Your Spirit/Zero-proof

Infuse 1 Pack x 375ml spirits/zero-proof and use for 1 cocktail or a 6+ batch. Infuse @lunch, cocktails @dinner 🚀

3- Mix Your Cocktail

Grab your infused spirit and scan the on-Pack QR code for easy recipes and the greatest cocktails you’ve ever made! 🌟

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Customers Reviews


Wow. Seriously, wow.

The quality of the bar pieces really impressed us. It makes it so easy to create infusions.

Brittany O.
Milwaukee, WI


Makes a great Old Fashioned.

Phoenix, AZ


This product is fantastic! Easy to use and you're able to infuse any flavor into your favorite spirit

Los Angeles, CA

Texas-Approved Smoky Margarita Magic!

I live in Texas and have tried many times to make a quality smoky margarita. This infusion pack makes it so easy!

Austin, TX

Double the Fun

This is my second kit. Kind of a back-up. I'm using it so much sometimes I have 2 going at the same time. I am the hit of my tailgate. The recipes online are outstanding.

EBrunswick Twnp, NJ

FABULOUS flowery infusion!

Primavera is my favorite out of all the 1pt Cocktail Pack selections. Makes premium, mixologist-tasting cocktails.

Minneapolis, MN


TL;DR: it's when you use any type of plant material to flavor liquid (tea and coffee are the most famous examples)

Cocktail infusions involve steeping herbs, spices, florals, botanicals, and teas in a spirit or a liqueur to extract their flavors and create a gourmet cocktail base. The process of infusion is used to enhance the flavor profile of the base spirit, adding depth and complexity to the cocktail. Once the infusion is complete, the infused spirit can be used to create a variety of simple cocktails with loads of gourmet flavor, making exotic mixers and fussy recipes a thing of the past - empowering anyone to make truly fantastic, bar-quality drinks in less time, for less money, and with zero training.

TL;DR: steep 1pt packet + 375ml of spirits in a container for a few hours and then use that infused spirit for your cocktails

It's very easy. 1) Combine 1pt infusion blend with a standard full-proof spirit at a ratio of 1-packet | 375ml and allow to steep for a few hours as directed, strain, and reserve the infused spirit for your cocktails (one packet makes enough infused spirit for 6-9 drinks). 2) Mix your cocktail with the infused spirit following any of our simple 3-part recipes - no funky mixers and no complicated recipes. 3) Enjoy. Learn more About Infusing Spirits with 1pt.

TL;DR: 2-5 hours (depends on the specific infusion blend); up to 4 months

1pt Infusions are unique in that they take only a few hours to add gourmet flavor to any spirit. "Infuse at lunch, and you will have cocktails ready before dinner." Infusion does not alter the shelf life of spirits, so theoretically the infused spirit will last "forever." In reality, we believe that the infused flavor is best enjoyed within 4 months from the day you infuse your spirit. No refrigeration required.

TL;DR: Yes

While our infusions are principally designed to rapidly and naturally flavor small batches of alcohol, it is entirely possible to infuse cold, fresh, filtered water or similar no/lo-alcohol liquid with 1pt infusion blends instead. Just make your substitution/s and otherwise follow the directions and recipes as written. Results may vary and should be trialed before serving. 

TL;DR: Only natural ingredients

1pt Infusions are made from the highest quality natural, dried herbs, spices, florals, botanicals, and teas; they're blended at FDA-approved facilities in the USA; they contain absolutely no sugar, gluten, dairy, nuts, additives or preservatives of any kind. Learn more about 1pt Infusion Blends.

TL;DR: Often, but we don't overstate it

While individual ingredients in a given 1pt Infusion Blend may well be organic, we can only ever certify the entire blend. Due to frequent fluctuations in weather and climate these days, and the impact that can have on ingredient sourcing, we prefer to use the term "All-Natural" which is always true.

TLDR: Hard no.

Our products are used widely by craft bar professionals across the US, but they are intended for home consumers and restaurant/ bar/ catering staff who have little or no training as cocktail professionals. You will never need to "become your own mixologist" since we assume you have better things to do. 1pt is the cheat code for delicious cocktails that anyone can make with ease.

TL;DR: USA (most) & China (a few) & Lithuania (one)

First off, ALL of our infusions blends are made entirely on the East Coast of the United States. We use ~60 different ingredients that we source from all over the world. They are assembled, processed, and blended per our specifications in an FDA-regulated facility in Massachusetts and then co-packed (sealed) in an FDA-regulated facility in Pennsylvania. As required by law, we have each infusion blend batch-tested at an independent 3rd-party lab also in Massachusetts and certified to be free from FDA-prohibited contaminants. All of our packaging is made in South Carolina. Our Bar Bottles are also produced at several facilities within the USA. We import our Infusion Bottles and most of our Bar Tools from China. Our Neat Bar Rags are woven in Lithuania because they have a centuries-old tradition of harvesting and working with linen.


Andrew & Anna Hellman

We started infusing spirits a bit by accident. We were hosting our first Christmas Party in the US as a married couple and wanted to share a bit of Anna’s Swedish heritage with our friends and family. Swedes drink flavored vodka (aquavit) throughout the holidays, where each region in the country produces signature spirits with special flavors from local herbs and spices. We couldn’t find any aquavit on short notice, so we made our own by infusing a flask of vodka with orange rind, cinnamon, cloves, all-spice, and star anise. It was a hit and each year we would add a new infused vodka to our Christmas Party. It didn’t take long for us to figure out that mixing cocktails with infused spirits made for really delicious, simple drinks. Little did we know at the time that this simple discovery would launch a company. The adventure continues..