Drinks At Home


We believe it should be easy for anyone to make a great drink.  So we created all-natural 1pt Infusion Blends, which quickly combine with the spirit of your choice and a few kitchen pantry ingredients, to create simple bar-worthy cocktails that you’ll be proud to share with your friends and family at home. 


The greatest drinks you've ever made.

How a couple got frustrated with fussy drinks, invented rapid infusion, and changed cocktails forever.

Here's our story

The Perfect Cocktail In 3 Easy Steps

-1- Choose Your Blend

Pair a 1pt infusion blend with the spirit of your choice  

-2- Infuse Your Spirit

Combine and let stand for just 2-6 hours

-3- Mix Your Cocktail

Use your infused spirit to mix simple bar-worthy cocktails

Monthly Subscription

Infused Cocktail Box

Curated by our in-house infusion blenders and dedicated cocktail drinkers, 1pt's Monthly Infused Cocktail Box delivers 2 specially selected all-natural, gourmet 1pt rapid infusion blends (enough for 24 cocktails) and 6 simple 3-part cocktail recipes that you can easily make at home.


What People Are Saying

This product is fantastic. Easy to use and you’re able to infuse any flavor into your favorite spirit.

Los Angeles, CA

Our 1pt drinks are better than the fancy, trendy and expensive craft drinks in the restaurants and bars.

Mommy B.
Los Angeles, CA

The quality of the bar pieces really impressed us. It makes it so easy to create infusions.

Brittany O.
Los Angeles, CA