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Since we're all (ahem...) spending a little more time at home these days, it's hard not to obsess about some of the things we miss from the world outside.  We don't have an answer for everything, but infused bar-quality cocktails you can mix at home with just the normal ingredients in your kitchen?  We have that covered...

How it works

Choose Your Blend

Select one of 19 different all-natural gourmet 1pt rapid infusion blends to pair with the spirit of your choice.  

Infuse Your Spirit

Infusion is easy.  Just combine your chosen spirit and 1pt blend and let stand for only 2-6 hours. Directions included.

Mix Your Cocktail

Use your 1pt-infused spirit to make super simple cocktails with heaps of crafty flavor. Get in there and have fun! 

How it works

It's as easy as 1-2-3

Match a 1pt blend with the spirit of your choice, infuse for 2-6 hours and presto... it's cocktail time!

What people are saying...

This product is fantastic. Easy to use and you’re able to infuse any flavor into your favorite spirit.


Our 1pt drinks are better than the fancy, trendy and expensive craft drinks in the restaurants and bars.

Mommy B.

The quality of the bar pieces really impressed us. It makes it so easy to create infusions.

Brittany O.

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Just like our cocktails, 1pt Subscriptions are simple and stress-free. Easy ordering and subscription management. You can skip boxes, order extra, or quit at any time.

Receive Your 1pt Box!

A selection of gourmet, all-natural 1pt infusion blends and seasonal cocktail recipes will be delivered right to your front door.  We include a surprise gift with every box!

Cocktail Level: Casual Ninja

1pt lets you whip up effortless craft quality cocktails for friends, family, or just the two of you on a plain old weekday evening.  Get creative, be cool, and enjoy!

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