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All-natural 1pt Cocktail Infusion blends quickly infuse gourmet flavor into any spirit (or zero-proof) so you can skip the fussy recipes and sugary mixers for a simpler, tastier drink.

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Choose from 60+ 1pt Cocktail Packs ready to pair with any spirit or zero-proof alternative. No sugar, nothing artificial 🌱

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Infuse 1 Pack x 375ml spirits/zero-proof and use for 1 cocktail or a 6+ batch. Infuse @lunch, cocktails @dinner πŸš€

3- Mix Your Cocktail

Grab your infused spirit and scan the on-Pack QR code for easy recipes and the greatest cocktails you’ve ever made! 🌟

Seasonal Bestsellers

VODKA | 0%
Bloody Simple
Rossa Mimosa
GIN | 0%
Garden Gimlet
Firecracker Margarita 1pt cocktail infusion spicy margarita mix
Firecracker Margarita 1pt cocktail infusion spicy margarita mix
Firecracker Margarita
RUM | 0%
Love Shack
Barrel Old-Fashioned
Sangria Tinto
Solstice Sangria
0% Alcohol

How About Mocktails?

Our products are all-natural, and our process is flexible. Although designed for spirits, if you are going for a no-alcohol alternative, we recommend infusing fresh, cold, filtered water. Read our answers to this and other FAQ by clicking below...

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What our Customers are saying...



This product is fantastic! Easy to use and you're able to infuse any flavor into your favorite spirit.

Los Angeles, CA


Makes a great Old Fashioned.

Phoenix, AZ

Wow. Seriously, wow.

The quality of the bar pieces really impressed us. It makes it so easy to create infusions.

Brittany O.
Milwaukee, WI

Texas-Approved Smoky Margarita Magic!

I live in Texas and have tried many times to make a quality smoky margarita. This infusion pack makes it so easy!

Austin, TX

Double the Fun

This is my second kit. Kind of a back up. I'm using it so much sometimes I have 2 going at the same time. I am the hit of my tailgate. The recipes online are outstanding.

E Brunswick Twnp, NJ

FABULOUS flowery infusion!

Primavera is my favorite out of all the 1pt selections. Makes premium, mixologist-tasting cocktails!

Minneapolis, MN
about one part co founders

Andrew & Anna Hellman

We started infusing spirits a bit by accident. We were hosting our first Christmas Party in the US as a married couple and wanted to share a bit of Anna’s Swedish heritage with our friends and family. Swedes drink flavored vodka (aquavit) throughout the holidays, where each region in the country produces signature spirits with special flavors from local herbs and spices. We couldn’t find any aquavit on short notice, so we made our own by infusing a flask of vodka (see below) with orange rind, cinnamon, cloves, all-spice, and star anise. It was a hit and each year we would add a new infused vodka to our Christmas Party. It didn’t take long for us to figure out that mixing cocktails with infused spirits made for really simple, delicious drinks. Little did we know at the time that this simple discovery would launch a company. The adventure continues...