1pt: How It Works

Have you ever made a cup of tea? Of course you have, so to start with you already know all about infusion.  Infusion is just a drink that is made by mixing organic plant material (like our herbs, botanicals, florals, spices, and teas) with liquid.  For tea, you use hot water.  For 1pt, you use room temperature alcohol and spirits.  Other than that, there is basically no difference.  Step by step, here is how 1pt works:

We offer 19 different multi-ingredient gourmet infusion blends packed in pre-measured fresh-sealed packets. Each packet, no matter the blend, infuses half a standard bottle of spirits (375ml).  This is so you do not have to infuse a whole bottle if all you want is a few cocktails. It also means there is no measuring to slow you down.  If you want to infuse a whole bottle (750ml) use 2 packets.  And so on.  

Let's get rid of any fear factor right away: this could not be easier. Just empty 1 packet into the filter basket in our 1pt Infusion Bottle and then fill that bottle to the top with any spirit you choose.  After 2-6 hours (specific infusion time for a given blend is listed on the back of each packet), your infusion is complete and you are ready to make super simple cocktails with loads of crafty flavor!  It's that easy.


The original "cocktail" was defined in the early 1800s as a simple mix of spirits + citrus + sugar.  We've come a long way since then, but with 1pt you are going right back to basics. Since all the crafty gourmet flavor is already in the infused spirit, most of our cocktail recipes work with that original 3-part formula.  But when one of those 3 parts is your 1pt infused spirit, the world of cocktail flavor will be yours.  We named it ONE PART (1pt) for a reason :)