1pt Ginger Bee's Knees

1pt Ginger Bee's Knees - Serves 1

2½ oz 1pt Ginger Infused Gin
1 oz Fresh Lemon Juice
¾ oz Honey/Syrup*

Infuse 1pt Ginger Blend and gin for 2-3 hours, strain and reserve liquid for cocktail. Combine all ingredients in a shaker with ice and shake until chilled. Strain into suitable glass, serving up or over ice. For a spritz alternative, top with club soda.  Garnish with lemon twist.

* To make a simple, small batch of honey syrup, just combine a quarter cup of honey with a quarter cup of hot water (need not be boiling, but definitely hot).  Make more as needed: always equal parts honey and water.

If you need a refresher, view our easy 1pt Infusion How-To Guide.

1pt Ginger Blend ingredients: Ginger / Elderflower

About this Ginger Bee's Knees gin cocktail: a classic from the Prohibition era, the Bee’s Knees (old school slang for the Best of the Best) was invented in Paris as a riff on the standard Gin Sour’s gin + lemon, with honey instead of sugar. The tradition of adaptation continues here with delicious infused notes of ginger and elderflower. Beeeelightful.


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