1pt Infused Tequila Cocktails

Exceptionally delicious &
Easy To Make At Home

All-Natural 1pt Infusions replace fussy mixers and complicated recipes to turn any hour into Happy Hour!

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1pt Cocktail Infusion Master Kit
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1pt Tequila Lover Kit
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1pt Margarita MiniBar Kit
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1pt Variety Pack ~ Tequila
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1pt Classic Cocktail Flight

How It Works

1- Pick Your Pack

Choose a 1pt Cocktail Pack to pair with your spirit

2- Infuse Your Spirit

Combine and let stand for just a few hours

See how it works

3- Mix Your Cocktail

Your infused spirit makes bar-worthy cocktails easy

1pt infused tequila

Cocktail Recipes

We offer 20 simple, 3-part infused cocktail recipes just for tequila alone. No fussy mixers, no artifical ingredients. Just the good stuff - see for yourself...

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