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Infusion is an easy, all-natural way to add flavor to liquid.  Happens in tea and coffee every day.  We simply take that same process and use our expertly crafted all-natural 1pt Infusion Blends of herbs, spices, florals, botanicals, and teas to flavor room temperature spirits instead of hot water.  The result is simpler cocktails that are easier to make with fewer fussy ingredients.  Just the infused spirit and a couple of kitchen pantry mixers and you can have all of that complex crafty flavor with none of the complexity.   

On this page, you'll find an overview of the 1pt infusion process, a bit of information about our blends, and some helpful videos to walk you through some of our different products. Enjoy! 

The Perfect Cocktail In 3 Easy Steps

-1- Choose Your Blend

Pair a 1pt infusion blend with the spirit of your choice

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-2- Infuse Your Spirit

Combine and let stand for just 2-6 hours

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-3- Mix Your Cocktail

Use your infused spirit to mix simple bar-worthy cocktails

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