Making better cocktails at home.


1pt Welcome Kit

Everything you need to get started!

1pt Infusion Blends
There's no such things as "guy-drinks" or "girl-drinks," just "good drinks"... Our Rossa, Bloody, and Ginger blends are the perfect introduction to super-simple, gourmet 1pt infused cocktails!

Infusion Bottle + Tasting Straw
Add your blend, fill your bottle, twist on the cap, and serve up perfectly infused spirits in just hours!

Bar Bottle + Labels + Funnel
Lights, Camera, Action! Your infusion is ready and waiting to join your home bar and impress your favorite guests.

Coasters + Cocktail Tote
Letterpress coasters and one of our handy 1pt Cocktail Totes for easy transfer on your next adventure.

Welcome Booklet
A bit about us, the 1pt collection, and some cocktail recipes to start you off!


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Use your 1pt-infused spirit to make super simple cocktails with heaps of crafty flavor. Get in there and have fun!

About 1pt

In 2004, co-founders Andrew & Anna Hellman made their first infusion at home for the Swedish smörgåsbord they were hosting that year for friends and family. It became a tradition, and each year they added new infusions to the lineup until after a while guests would line up to take some home at the end of the evening. They saw a need for simpler cocktails with all-natural ingredients so they put their experience as product designers and brand developers to work and launched 1pt from their Norwalk, CT studio in 2017. The team has grown, the idea has become a business, and now we count our customers as friends and family.  We’re glad you’ve joined us. Cheers - or should we say skål!

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