1pt Ginger Rickey

Ginger Ricky
1pt Ginger Rickey - Serves 1
2 oz 1pt Ginger Infused Gin
1 oz  lime juice
1½ oz  simple syrup
Top w/  club soda

Infuse 1pt Ginger Blend* and gin for 2-3 hours, decant and reserve for cocktail. Combine infused Gin and other ingredients except ice in a shaker with ice. Shake.  Pour over ice, add Soda last.  Garnish with cucumber peel.

1pt Ginger Blend ingredients include: Ginger / Elderflower

About this cocktail: We've all heard of Gin Rickey, but let's meet his girlfriend, Ginger Rickey. That's right! We've infused your basic gin with elderflower and ginger spices to create a flirty take on this classic cocktail, and we know you won't be disappointed once you give her a try!