1pt Sangria Tinto

1pt Sangria Tinto - Makes 1 Pitcher

750ml 1pt Sangria Red Infused Full-Bodied Red Wine
⅓ C Brandy
⅓ C Pulpless Orange Juice
1 oz. Honey Simple Syrup

Infuse 1pt Sangria Red Blend* and red wine for 3-4 hours, strain and reserve liquid for cocktail. Meanwhile, combine 1 cup of water with ½ cup of honey in a saucepan and simmer for 10 minutes, stirring occasionally. Allow to cool. Combine your Red Sangria-infused wine, orange juice, brandy, honey simple syrup, and fruits/berries in a pitcher. Stirring to combine. Serve over ice in any glass, optionally topping with club soda or sparkling lemonade. Mint sprig and lime wedge garnish.  

If you need a refresher, view our easy 1pt Infusion How-To Guide.

1pt Sangria Red Blend ingredients include: Orange Zest / Cinnamon / Ginger / Allspice / Elderberry / Cardamom / Clove

About This Cocktail: a staple of the Spanish summer, but truly fantastic all year round. Infused spice notes and tree fruit flavors perfectly complement the mix of sweet red wine, brandy, and orange juice in this easy recipe. So grab your favorite pitcher and get ready to share this summer classic with your gang!