1pt Daiquiri Provencal

1pt Daiquiri Provencal - Serves 1

2 oz 1pt Floral Infused Rum
1 oz Fresh Lime Juice
oz Wildflower Honey
¾ oz Warm Water

Infuse 1pt Floral Blend* and rum for 4-5 hours, strain and reserve liquid for cocktail. Combine honey + warm water to small mixing bowl and stir until dissolved. Combine all ingredients in a shaker with ice. Shake until chilled and frothy. Strain into glass and serve up or over ice. {Optional Rim} Rub lime wedge across rim, roll rim in small plate of diced dried lavender and sugar.  

If you need a refresher, view our easy 1pt Infusion How-To Guide.

1pt Floral Blend ingredients include: Chamomile / Lavender / Orange Zest / Licorice Root

About This Cocktail: ...there's more to Provence than rosé. This simple combination of lavender, orange, and licorice infusion flavors perfectly complements the sweetness of rum and the tart-sweet combination of lime and wildflower honey. Both simple and decadent, and the perfect way to wind down on a sunny afternoon!