1pt Citrus & Soda

1pt Citrus & Soda - Serves 1

2 oz 1pt Citrus Infused Vodka
4 oz Club Soda

Infuse 1pt Citrus Blend and vodka for 4-5 hours, strain and reserve liquid for cocktail. Combine infused vodka and club soda in a suitable glass over ice. Stir and garnish with lemon twist or ribbon.  

If you need a refresher, view our easy 1pt Infusion How-To Guide.

1pt Citrus Blend ingredients: Lemongrass / Ginger / Lemon Verbena / Yerba Mate / Marigold Petals

About this Citrus & Soda vodka cocktail: deceptively complex. On the face of it, a very simple cocktail with only two ingredients. But in reality, you experience five flavors: a citrus layer of lemongrass and lemon verbena supported by background notes of ginger, yerba mate, and marigold. Simple. Refreshing. Delicious.