1pt Cinnamon Bocce Ball

1pt Cinnamon Bocce Ball - Serves 1
2½ oz 1pt Cinnamon-Infused Rum
½ oz Amaretto
½ oz Lemon Juice
1 oz Fresh Orange Juice
Top w/ club soda (optional)

Infuse 1pt Cinnamon Blend* and rum for 5-6 hours, strain and reserve liquid for cocktail. Combine infused rum, Amaretto, lemon juice, and orange juice in a shaker with ice. Shake until chilled and strain over ice. Optionally top with club soda. Garnish with an orange wedge.

If you need a refresher, view our easy 1pt Infusion How-To Guide.

1pt Cinnamon Blend ingredients: Orange Zest / Apple / Cinnamon / Rooibos / Ginger

About this Cinnamon Bocce Ball rum cocktail: This cocktail should have a story.  It should have something to do with a bunch of Goodfellas making a local neighborhood favorite cocktail in the summer heat of the Bronx back in the 1950s.  It should offer some hint of an origin that hearkens back to a simpler time when good enough was the only standard that anyone cared about.  When 'a littla this and a littla that' was the basic recipe.  Alas, no such story exists.  This cocktail just is.  And what it is is refreshing as hell.  Top it off with a bit of club soda on a particularly hot summer day and you are right there with the boys from the old neighborhood.