We all need to do our part. 

As a product business, we feel it's our role to help our customers feel like they are doing their part each time they make a purchase with 1pt.  Not only does doing the right thing feel good, it happens to be essential to the future of our planet.  We are not going to get it 100% right 100% of the time.  What matters is that we try, and that we keep trying, and keep sharing ideas, until it becomes second nature.  And perhaps one day that will be enough. 

1pt has launched its #RaiseYourGlass initiative to commit 1% of gross sales of all products on our website to a carefully selected group of partners working diligently on innovative solutions to a number of the most pressing problems that face our interconnected eco-system and global environment.  

Here are the initiatives we proudly support:  {to be announced on 4/10/20}