1pt for Wholesale

The craft cocktail revolution is over.  Craft won, and the cocktail category is changing.  After years of revenue growth based on a widening array of exotic mixers and restyled bar tools and accessories, an experiential generation is driving a new kind of opportunity.  In the new post-craft cocktail world, the by-words are simplicity, personalization, and natural

1pt is a unique offering of 19 all-natural, multi-ingredient gourmet infusion blends and specially designed bar accessories that simplify cocktails for the post-craft consumer.  The range of infusions allows customers to add subtle gourmet flavor to any spirit they want.  These infused spirits are the building blocks for cocktails so simple that anyone will feel empowered to take their interest in cocktails home.

Choose (your blend)  Infuse (your spirit)  Mix (your cocktail)

Wholesale Programs

We offer 3 separate pre-configured Good/Better/Best programs for buyers to choose from as they look to take advantage of changing trends in the cocktail and bar accessories category:

1pt Focused Offering


1pt Expansion Offering

Core + Seasonal

1pt Peak Offering

Core + Seasonal + Completers

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