COVID-19 Statement

Hi Friends,

In close coordination with our manufacturing, warehousing, and logistics partners, we remain open for business and will continue shipping your orders normally through the COVID-19 Quarantine Period.

We will reassess this stance regularly but, according to current guidance, expect no disruption to our ability to fulfill and ship your orders in a timely way.

A quick note about our products...

1pt Blends - these are all blended and packed in the United States at FDA-approved facilities.  Each batch is sample-tested for FDA compliance before it becomes commercially available for you to purchase.  Our packaging hermetically seals the blends in barrier-coated packets, making them as fresh (and safe) when you open them as they were when they left our controlled packing environment.

1pt Infusion & Bar Bottles - our Bar Bottles are made in the US, our Infusion Bottles are made in Guangzhou China, 620 miles away from Wuhan.  Our most recent shipment of Infusion Bottles was received here in the US in the end of January 2020, having taken 45+ days in transit from China.  We believe this places the shipment in transit well before the outbreak of COVID-19 was reported beyond Wuhan.  We believe our Infusion and Bar Bottles are entirely safe for normal use but urge you to use common sense and caution that is right for your own needs.

The virus may be novel but the challenge it poses is not new.  We have all been here before in one way or another.  So have faith, trust your instincts, care for your friends and family, and for yourself.  And if our delicious infusions can help you simplify your cocktails at home so you can relax and unwind at the end of yet another stressful day, we are here to make it happen.

Stay healthy, stay safe, stay at home (for now).

~ Andrew, Anna, and the 1pt Team