A Virtual Infused-Cocktail Bar Hosted by your Favorite Tastemakers

Cocktails. From the Cloud.

Welcome to the virtual 1pt {Cloud} Bar! We've gathered an evolving group of cocktail trendsetters and tastemakers from across the US who are here to offer you a selection of simple, creative 1pt-infused cocktails that you can easily make at home. With each cocktail you purchase, we cover a tip for your bartender. So order up and spread the word! Everyone is welcome here.


From the original digital foodie haven, a curated collection of infused cocktails you can easily make at home.

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Natalie Migliarini is a girl on a mission who once "drove from Seattle to Puerto Vallarta just because I wanted to."

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Jordan Hughes is the self-titled "main dude" at JRDN Creative based in Portland, OR, and believes in Negronis.

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Valerie Smeshko is based in Chicago and focuses on creating cocktails that are "delicious and unexpected."

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Barlow Gilmore is a Bay Area art director and obviously a dangerously good guy to know on weekends.

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