1pt Cocktail Hour

Our Event-In-A-Box program lets you easily host gatherings of up to 50 customers or colleagues!

1pt Cocktail Hour Kit

All you need to get started hosting your own 1pt Cocktail Hour events!

Infusion Batch Jar
Very helpful for larger infusions and event cocktail batching (2.5 gallons)

Infusion Tools
We've done this a bunch and we find these tools to be useful so we included them in the Kit: strainer, tasting straw, funnel, erasable marker, bar cloth, jigger, zester, and measuring spoon.

POS Display
Pop our included tent card by the register or in the break room to get customers or colleagues excited about your upcoming Cocktail Hour event!


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1pt Cocktail Hour Subscription

Monthly, Quarterly, and One-Time Cocktail Hour event programs for your store or office!

About 1pt

In 2004, co-founders Andrew & Anna Hellman started infusing vodka for the Swedish smörgåsbord they hosted each Christmas for family and friends.  By 2016, one infusion had become many, and small batches had become, well, friggin' huge.  It was when people starting asking to take some of the infusions home so that they could make their own simple and delicious cocktails that 1pt became more than a hobby. The operation has gotten bigger, but Andrew & Anna still personally lead the development of each new all-natural infusion blend that bears our mark.  Cheers to that! Or should we say skål!