About Us

In 2004, co-founders Andrew & Anna Hellman made their first infusion at home for the Swedish smörgåsbord they were hosting that year for friends and family. It became a tradition, and each year they added new infusions to the lineup until after a while guests would line up to take some home at the end of the evening. They saw a need for simpler cocktails with all-natural ingredients so they put their experience as product designers and brand developers to work and launched 1pt from their Norwalk, CT studio in 2017. 

Our first step is the 1pt Infusion collection.  It is a simple and direct way to add a lot of complex flavor to the spirit itself which ends up making the actual cocktail very simple to make.  All you need is your infused spirit and what we refer to as "kitchen cupboard" mixers - things like fresh juice, natural sweeteners like sugar, agave, or honey, and perhaps some seltzer or tonic.  Most of the infused cocktails we recommend have no more than 3 or possibly 4 total ingredients - as opposed to the all the exotic ingredients that are so common with craft cocktails.  

With 1pt Infusion, we offer 19 different flavors (15 for spirits + 4 for wine) which support 79 possible different combinations when combined with the 5 classic spirits (vodka, gin, tequila, rum, and whiskey) and red/white wine.  So whether you are here thinking about your own liquor cabinet, an upcoming party you are hosting, or even revamping your cocktail program at the restaurant, bar, caterer, hotel, casino, or cruise ship you work for, chances are we have exactly what you need. 

So get in there and have fun!  1pt will change the way you think about cocktails. 

Cheers to that!